Friday, December 24, 2010

Jihad Bells

Thanks to Jihad Watch...

Christians in Danger this Christmas

Christians in both India and Iraq are under threat of attack this Christmas by Hindu radicals in Oriss, India and al-Qaeda in Iraq (respectively). Hindu radicals are having a gathering on Christmas Day this year. The last gathering on Christmas 2007 resulted in a mass wave of violence against Christians. In Iraq, al-Qaeda in Iraq has vowed to purge Christians from the country. Please pray for the safety of our Christian brothers and sisters and the conversion of Muslims who are so full of hate.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Losing our Fantasy Islam

Today I saw a picture in World Magazine of two women standing side by side. On the left, an older woman holds a sign, "No Victory Mosque Here." On the right a younger, hip-looking woman in shorts with a sign, "Peace Love Tolerance." I don't think I'll even completely understand the love affair that liberals have with Islam, which violently opposes everything about liberalism.

I think the real issue is that people are in love with their fantasy of Islam, not Islam as it is actually practiced and believed by a billion Muslims. I might have been susceptible to this, until I spent some time outside of Kampala going door to door talking about Jesus. I met Christians and Animists (who let me preach in their temple) and Skeptics and Muslims. There was a terrifying difference between Muslims and all the others. A Muslim girl told me, "If I leave Islam, my father will kill me." I thought, "Dear God, she means murder. She really believes that her own father will murder her if she leaves Islam." Now I can say, "Of course he will. That is Islam."

The fantasy of what we imagine Muslims to be (think the movie, Kingdom of Heaven) vanishes when we stare face to face with the gaping maw of evil that is Islam. A missionary friend of mine tells people, "Just read the Koran."

There isn't a week I don't think about this thought: If liberals ever succeed in enabling Islam to become dominant here in the US, all of them will die. Muslims will hang every atheist, homosexual, feminist, sexually "liberated" person in the society. That's what they do. The rest of us "conservative Christians" will get to live as dhimmis. So we're (Conservative Christians) are fighting a (non-violent) battle for hearts and minds (with a few conservative Jews and a tiny fraction of realistic skeptics) to ultimately save the lives of the people who are aiding the Muslims in their plan to become dominant. And the goal of Islam is to kill precisely the people who are helping them.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Austrian MP Puts Smack Down on Turkish Ambassador

Hat tip to Jihad Watch for this one. An Austrian MP takes the Turkish Ambassador to task for hypocrisy and his country's persecution of Christians.

Lightly Beating Our Wives

In the Western world the Koranic injunction for husbands to beat their wives seems to be a constant source of embarrassment for those trying to explain Islam to a secular or Christian audience. The way the force of this injunction is muted is to a) argue that Mohammad really loved women and treated them well and b) that "beat them" means "beat them lightly only if it is necessary" (Sura 4:34). Now, anyone who knows me and knows my family knows how well a "light beating" would go over with my missus - the next visitor I'd have would be the coroner. But, that aside, does the Koran really tell husbands to "beat lightly"?

In a word, no. The Koran simply tells husbands to beat their disobedient wives. In most translations of the Koran you find those words in parentheses, indicating that they are added. They are nowhere present in the Arabic text. They are also not implied in the meaning of the word translated thusly. The word in question, daraba, is used to indicate forceful violence. For a very readable article by a non-Muslim Arabic speaker, see here.

A quick YouTube search on "How to Beat Your Wife" will reveal many instructional videos on the practice (all from Islam). Here is one gem. Is it any wonder that it is reported that a woman married to a Muslim is TEN TIMES as likely to be murdered by her husband than a woman married to a non-Muslim in the UK?