Monday, May 23, 2011

bin Laden & Old Dublin

I really should write a post on Bin Laden and porn, but haven't been able to care enough yet. I just keep thinking, "Of course." The 9/11 hijackers spent the night before drinking and watching strippers and Bin Laden lectured America on its decadence while keeping porn under his bed. The guy had four wives - with him. Islam locates male sexual sin in the woman. If the wife just puts out enough, if he just has enough wives, if all the other women would just cover themselves from head to toe - then the Islamic man will be ok. And of course, then one day he'll go to paradise and get to deflower 72 virgins for eternity. Islam is a sex disease masquerading as a religion.

Anyway, three pipe tobaccos I've tried recently -

Peterson's Old Dublin
Peterson's Irish Oak
Dunhill's Royal Yacht

Royal Yacht is a very highly rated and popular tobacco. It is a strong Burley tobacco cured with raisins and molasses. Maybe I should have opened the tin and dumped it in a jar or just opened the tin and let it air out. It seems that a lot of guys do that sort of thing to age the tobacco and it often gets better. I just couldn't stand it. It didn't taste great and it was very heavy in nicotine. The taste was strong and unpleasant and the nicotine was strong and unpleasant. A lot of people remark on the nicotine. My neighbor, a new pipe smoker, loves it. So I gave it to him. 2/5 (Bob likes it and it smelled good in the tin)

Irish Oak is another popular tobacco made primarily from Virginia with some Cavendish and Perique. They age it in oak barrels for the distinctive taste. It is also a stronger tobacco, but nowhere as strong as Royal Yacht. I grown to like (not love) the taste. I wonder if I'm just getting used to it or whether it is benefiting from being open a while. It burns cool and fairly fast. I find that sometimes I actually want this tobacco blend over others. I don't know if that's because I'm craving a Virginia or it's this blend specifically. Right now I'd definitely buy it again. 4/5

Old Dublin is my favorite. I read a reviewer remark that if he could only smoke one blend, it'd be Old Dublin. So far I agree. It is a heavily Latikia blend. It smells and tastes smoky, like a campfire. It burns well and cool. The nicotine is light. It doesn't bite my tongue. It is everything I wanted a pipe tobacco to be but didn't know it. I'm ordering a whole sleeve next month. 5/5

Good bye Osama bin Laden.

Best News in a Long Time - Or, How Not to Get Prostate Cancer

Over the last two weeks I've learned a little bit about prostate cancer, a nasty disease that so many men over 50 seem to get. The problem with prostate cancer is 1) it can kill you, and 2) they treat it by pulling your prostate, which [can, see comments] end your sex life. Not good.

Well, it turns out that the way you avoid having prostate cancer isn't what you might think. Exercise? Doesn't matter. Diet? It might have a very small impact, but they're not sure if you should avoid red meat or eat more fruit and vegetables. Since men who eat lots of red meat tend to avoid fresh fruit and vegetables, it's hard to tell. Smoking? It might matter a very little bit (which I take to mean that if you don't smoke very much it doesn't matter - whew!).

What does matter? It turns out three things. First, get yourself born into a family with no history of prostate cancer (check). Turns out that there's a strong genetic link. Second, drink a lot of coffee. Men who drink three cups a day are 15% less likely to develop the deadly form of prostate cancer (there's a less deadly form?). If you drink six cups a day (caf or decaf) your risk is 30% lower. Third, have LOTS of sex. Men who have sex 14 times a month have 15% lower incidence and those who have sex 21 times a month have a 30% lower incidence. This is all very good news indeed.

I haven't researched this one lately, but I do notice that there's been a recent study showing that the PSA test has NO effect on mortality. I have read somewhere that many prostectomies are unnecessary. The PSA might be zero help in keeping you from dying and lots of help in ending your sex life. Doctors often work like that. If they leave it in, you could die from cancer (and sue them). If they take it out, you won't get prostate cancer, so the operation worked - even if you would never have died from prostate cancer anyway.

I guess bin Laden was pretty safe from prostate cancer, just not safe from a bullet to the head.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Geert Wilders Gives Politically Prophetic Speech in Nashville

Jihad Watch has posted the recent speech by Geert Wilders in Nashville, Tennessee. It makes me ill that a European politician has to come here to remind us of the preciousness of freedom, especially the freedom of speech and religion. But there it is and I can only pray that Holland will be able to turn the tide before all of the Jews have to leave and the United States will wake up before we end up with a dual system of law (one for Muslims and the other for the rest) and de facto blasphemy laws under the guise of protection from "hate crimes."

A Warning to America
Speech of Geert Wilders, Cornerstone Church, Nashville, 12 May 2011

Dear friends from Tennessee. I am very happy to be in your midst today. I am happy and proud to be in this impressive church.

My friends, I am here to speak words of truth and freedom.

Do you know why America is in a better state than Europe? Because you enjoy more freedom than Europeans.

And do you know why Americans enjoy more freedom than Europeans? Because you are still allowed to tell the truth.

In Europe and Canada people are dragged to court for telling the truth about islam.

I, too, have been dragged to court. I am an elected member of the house of representatives in the Netherlands. I am currently standing in court like a common criminal for saying that islam is a dangerous totalitarian ideology rather than a religion.

Read it all here.