Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Documentary on Islam

Thanks to Staring at the View for the heads up on this new documentary...

One of the problems with discussing Islam in the West is that Muslim leaders intentionally deceive and mislead people as to the true nature of Islam. Following the pattern of Mohamed himself, the plan of Islam in a new land is that it always begins peacefully and pluralistically. As the influence of Islam grows in the new land, Islam becomes less and less tolerant of offense. Muslims first begin to fight against those who threaten them and finally move towards fighting all those who do not submit to the rule of Islam.

This video is in Arabic and subtitled in English. The narrator, Rashid, is a Christian from Morocco who is the host of Life TV's Amazing Question. This program has had a significant impact on the Islamic world and many Muslims have converted to Christianity on the basis of this program.

After 18 seconds, the program will start to show the English subtitles. In the worlds of Rashid, this program is not enjoyable, but it is important.

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