Monday, November 22, 2010

What Asia Bibi Revealed...

Praise God that Asia Bibi, Christian mother of four in Pakistan has been set free from jail and pardoned after a year and a half of incarceration. Unfortunately for Christians in Pakistan, Asia Bibi was set free not because of the recognized injustice of the blasphemy law, but because the accusation was untrue.

This is the second greatest injustice of the law, that it is used to settle personal scores since any accusation, no matter how unfounded, immediately lands someone in prison (if he/she is not a Muslim). The greatest injustice of the law is that it is a barbarous continuation of Muhammed's mentally-ill violence against all critics. No slight was too small to escape his retribution. His followers quickly learned that a wonderful way to ingratiate themselves to him was to kill some helpless woman who had laughed at him or criticized him in some small way.

Asia Bibi was sent to jail for eighteen months after a dispute over water. Her Muslim co-workers did not want her to dip water out of the same barrel because as an unbeliever she is unclean. Islam seems to breed this kind of exclusivist pettiness like bacteria in a dumpster. And a bitter work rivalry is turned into a jail sentence and near execution. Asia's ordeal reveals the inherent and functional injustice of the blasphemy law.

Another revelation is the dehumanizing effects of Islam. Islam twists her co-workers into resenting her for drinking water. Islam inspires them to attempt to judicially murder her. Islam creates a system where this kind of incident occurs with frequency. And not only do we hear that Muslims are going to take to the streets to protest her release, but she has to be in hiding, because in Islamic cultures, if you've been accused of blasphemy, you WILL be killed, and it doesn't matter if you are demonstrably innocent of the charges.

But the most revealing report out of all of this is found in a CNN article. The imam who reported Bibi to the authorities, Qari Muhammad Salim, told reporters that the death sentence was "one of the happiest moments in his life." When he heard the sentence, "tears of joy poured from my eyes."

The blogger Hesperado has made a name for himself by getting kicked off of Jihad Watch for writing that Muslims are not human. Many have interpreted him as being genocidal facist, but he's more likely just very provocative (and probably a little mean). He's arguing that they don't exhibit the characteristics that we commonly associate with being human. If that's his point, he's certainly got one.

The Asia Bibi case, and many thousands of others, demonstrates how Islam dehumanizes people on a large scale.

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